Please note, the images are to give an idea on size but depending on time of the year and the pruning regime, sizing may vary

ImageVarietyPot Size
View ImageAmsonia tabernaemontana Blue Star2ltr
View ImageAstrantia Rose Symphony2ltr
View ImageErigeron karvinskianus2ltr
View ImageErodium manscavii2ltr
View ImageEryngium Blue Hobbit2ltr
View ImageEryngium  Bourgatii2ltr
View ImageEucomis bicolor2ltr
View ImageEucomis Sparkling Burgundy2ltr
View ImageGeranium Espresso2ltr
View ImageMorina Longifolia2ltr
View ImageSalvia Amante2ltr
View ImageSalvia Amistad2ltr
View ImageSalvia  Black & Blue2ltr
View ImageSalvia Caradonna2ltr
View ImageSalvia Christine Yeo2ltr
View ImageSalvia Clotted Cream2ltr
View ImageSalvia  Icing Sugar2ltr
View ImageSalvia  jamensis Melen2ltr
View ImageSalvia Jezebel2ltr
View ImageSalvia Joy2ltr
View ImageSalvia Kisses & Wishes2ltr
View ImageSalvia Red Swing2ltr
View ImageSalvia Senorita Leah2ltr
View ImageSalvia  Wendy’s Wish2ltr
View ImageSalvia  Wild water Melon2ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  africanus3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Arctic Star3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Brilliant Blue3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Charlotte3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Double Diamond3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Ever White3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Golden Drop3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus His Majesty3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Jacaranda3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Lapis Lazulii3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Lavender Haze3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Mi Casa3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Moonlight Star3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Northern Star3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Pitchoune Blue3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Pretty Heidi3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Pretty Sandy3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Purple Delight3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Royal Velvet3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Sarah3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Silver Lining3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Star Dust3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Strawberry Ice3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus Streamline3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Sweet Surprise3ltr
View ImageAgapanthus  Twister3ltr
View ImageAralia  Sun King3ltr
View ImageCynara cardunculus Cardoon3ltr
View ImageDahlia Candy Eyes (Mystic Dreamer)3ltr
View ImageDahlia Knockout (Mystic Illusion)3ltr
View ImageDahlia Scarlet Fern (Mystic Enchantment)3ltr
View ImageDisporum Moonlight3ltr
View ImageGaura Passionate Blush3ltr
View ImageGaura  Whirling Butterflies3ltr
View ImageGunnera Manicata3ltr
View ImageHeuchera  Berry Smoothie3ltr
View ImageHeuchera  Cherry Cola3ltr
View ImageHeuchera Marmalade3ltr
View ImageHeuchera Obsidan3ltr
View ImageHeuchera Silver Scrolls3ltr
View ImageLeontopodium Blossom of Snow3ltr
View ImagePhlomis italica3ltr
View ImageSalvia Hot Lips3ltr
View ImageSalvia Love & Wishes3ltr
View ImageSalvia  Midnight Candle3ltr
View ImageSalvia  Wendy’s Wish3ltr
View ImageVerbena Rigida Vernosa3ltr