Jasmine Nursery

Growing Since 1989


Jasmine Nursery was started by Simon in 1989 in Marshland St James


Simon sold the nursery in Marshland and rented a nursery for a short time whilst the current where Jasmine Nursery is now situated was acquired and built


April of 1995, we moved to the new site growing approximately 2 acres of hardy shrub stock

Current Day

As of 2023, the site totals 18 acres of which approximately 50% of this is solely for plant production. Our main production is 3 litre shrubs and climbers and some perennials. Over the last 5 years due to customer demand, we have been slowly introducing container grown trees and larger specimen shrubs

We produce a weekly availability list and also a web shop that allows 24hr ordering.

All plants come with a descriptive colour label which we can add your company logo, pre pricing and barcoding if required.

Deliveries are generally carried out using our own vehicles but we can also arrange transport to suit. Orders can be collected.

Visitors are welcome to visit the nursery at any time but please ring beforehand to arrange a time.



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